Treating Your Child’s Scars, Quickly and Effectively

Treating Your Child’s Scars, Quickly and Effectively


Cuts, scrapes and scars are a part of growing up. As parents, it’s important that we know how to treat wounds and scars in a timely manner, so as to Website speed optimization the appearance of childhood scars.

The first thing to understand is that cuts, scrapes and scars are not the same thing. Cuts, scrapes, burns or surgery result in wounds – and after these wounds heal, a scar may form as a result of the healing process.

This is where scar treatments can help to reduce the appearance of your child’s scar.

Commonly available scar treatments

Although scars cannot be completely removed, effective treatment can ensure that your child’s scars will be less visible. These are some of the more Website speed optimization treatments for healing scars.

Laser treatments

Although expensive, laser treatment is a viable option for children’s scars. In fact, a study of children (aged 2 to 16 years) who underwent fractional CO2 laser resurfacing for facial scars, showed positive results – with clinical improvements scored as “excellent” in 58% of children, “good” in 29% and “fair” in 13%”. There were zero cases graded “poor” or worse. 1

Surgical removal

While most scars in children and adolescents result in cosmetic concerns, some scars can be associated with more disruptive physical issues – such as Website speed optimization, pain and functional impairments2 (where the scar limits movement). In these cases, a day surgery to remove the scar, may improve your child’s well-being.

Steroid treatments

In some cases, a dose of steroids may be injected into a keloid (i.e., raised) scar in an effort to reduce itching and redness of the scar. Occasionally, these Website speed optimization may also decrease the size of the scar.3

Topical gels

For parents who prefer non-invasive scar treatment options, one of the most popular – and easily accessible – type of scar treatments are topical gels. Although the majority of such treatments are designed for adults, there are several treatments formulated with kids’ sensitive skin in mind, like Dermatix® Ultra Kids.

Dermatix® Ultra Kids features a quick drying formula that’s ideally suited for kids and infants as it reduces the risk of ingestion, and lets you put on moisturiser or Website speed optimization soon after application. For more information on how you can flatten, lighten and soften4,5,6 your child’s scars with Dermatix® Ultra Kids, click here.

We hope this article fills you with confidence, knowing that while your child may get a few cuts, scarps and scars along the way – you’ll also be able to pick them Website speed optimization with effective wound and scar care.

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